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What We Offer

Commodity Trading

We bring buyers and sellers together to trade in Agric and Non Agric commodities. Our commodity trading platform allows you to trade in Agric and Non Agric commodities. This is a marketplace where buyers and sellers can engage in risk-free trading.

E-Auction Platform

Our E-auction platform is built on our robust technology. Our interface allows for buyers to navigate on forward auctions and sellers to bid on reverse-auctions.


We can facilitate the booking of ships to fulfill large scale commodity shipments. Buyers can list their shipping requirements and sellers can offer available shipping dates, times and routes.

International Trading

GmartHub offers a trusted network of providers for international trading. This can benefit traders who need to import Agric and Non Agric commodities into Nigeria or those who need to export these commodities outside of Nigeria.

Benefits of GmartHub

Our platform offers strong benefits to every stakeholder within the commodity ecosystem.

There are many key players involved in the supply chain. Regardless of where you fit in, we can help you along every step of the way. Some of our key stakeholders include farmers, the government, traders, corporates and service providers. Take a moment to explore the benefits we offer to each group.

  • Farmers can tap into the national market and sell surpluses. This allows them to optimize inventory value through reduced hoarding and cartelization.
  • Farmers are empowered to quote their desired selling price. This feature is not available in the Mandi auction system.
  • Farmers can enjoy greater bargaining power due to availability of alternative marketing channels.
  • Our platform also promotes grading and standardization at the farm gate, which allows grade and quality based price realization.
  • Enables better decision making via real price discovery of products and services.
  • Our platform enables Government companies to enhance price realization by conducting an auction of commodities.
  • Agro-industrial processing and exports are promoted through an uninterrupted supply of raw materials.
  • Allows for the creation of important trading hubs that generate direct and indirect employment.
  • All the aforementioned objectives are achieved without any significant cost to the exchequer.
  • Traders gain access to a diverse and liquid market.
  • Trades can be made in large quantities with fair spot pricing.
  • Our platform effectively eliminates counterparty risk, hedges credit risks and minimizes post trade risks.
  • Provides a grading system to utilize the future market for managing risks.
  • Offers opportunities to expand activities to multiple commodities with operational ease.
  • Seamless connectivity to the global commodities and services market.
  • The sale of any marketable surpluses can allow for optimum inventory management
  • Access to a system with real price discovery and realization
  • Reduction in involvement costs of intermediaries and Road transport providers.
  • Greater bargaining power due to the availability of an alternate procurement and marketing channel.